The Yunwha Mountain Wowoojongsa Temple
The Korean Buddhist Nirvana Order

The Wawoojongsa Temple, situated 48Km south of Seoul (about 50 minutes drive) is not only conveniently located but it also boasts the beautiful scenery that surrounds it.

The Yunwha Mountain (304m in height) vicinity of Yong-in is one of Korea's major tourist sites where such attractions like the Everland Amusement Park, the Yong-in Ski Resort, and the Korean Folk Village are located.

The Wawoojongsa Temple is the Mecca of the Korean people's spirit for patriotism. The Temple is visited by many foreign visitors every year and they are warmly greeted personally by His Reverend Haeduk, the Tripitaka Master and founder of Wowooongsa as a Korean refugee, who will guide you in a generous tour of his Temple.

The Temple preserves the world famous lying Buddha which was made from Chinese junipers brought in from India. In addition, it preserves the world's first wooden Buddha according to the Guiness Book of Records, and the Jang-Yuk Jon and the Sang-oh Jon-bul, Buddhas made of brass. The Temple is also the site where the "Reunification Bell" which announced the opening of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games is kept and where the world's sole aitreya in Contemplation is preserved. Additionally, the Temple maintains Buddhas from different countries that include India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand and others.

For the construction of the "World's all Buddha's Hall" a hall that expresses the aspiration for the peace of mankind, Buddhist followers are bringing in their Buddha statutes from all around and different parts of the world. Moreover, the Reunification Tower which is being built in order to pray for the peaceful reunification of South and North Korea is being erected by each and every stone and rock being brought by the followers throughout the world. Numerous Buddhist followers are participating in the erection of the Reunification Tower.

The Wawoojongsa is also one of the few temples in the world where the so-called three treasures are being preserved. That is, it is a unique temple where Buddha, Sutra and Monk are in one place. It preserves the Buddha's Sarira which has travelled through India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and other Buddhist countries. In addition, ancient Buddhist scriptures written in Pari and Sanskrit are also preserved in Wawoojongsa. Accordingly, along with the monks that maintain the temple, the Wawoojongsa is one of the few temples that reserves the three Buddhist treasures. in addition, followers that visit the Temple will wash their troubles away as the sound of invocations and prayers enthrall the atmosphere of everything around.

The Administrative Center of the Korean Buddhism Nirvana Order which is Korea's largest and major order, the headquarters of the International Buddhist Cultural Exchange Association, and the Central Headquarters of World Buddhism are all located at the International Buddhist Hall within the grounds of the Temple. Accordingly, major leaders in world's Buddhism are always visiting the Temple as they are on-way or participating in a Buddhist meeting at the international level. Especially, priests from the southern region stay in Wawoo-jongsa for their research on Korea's Buddhism.

The Nirvana Order of Korean Buddhism is the major order in Korea's Buddhism created in 623 AD during the Kokuryo Dynasty under the guidance of the Highest Buddhist Priest Boduk. It is the first Buddhist order of the country and its tradition has been passed down 1400 years being guarded by Tripitaka Master Haeduk.

Meanwhile, the Nirvana Order has established the Korea Buddhist Tripitaka College and the Korea Buddhist Artist College where many monks are receiving their education. Not only this but a daily procession of Buddhist followers is being carried out at the Wawoojongsa throughout the country in order to pray for the cherished desire of the Korean people, the reunification of our motherland.

Master Priest : Tripitaka Master Hae-am Haeduk
Chief priest    : Dr. Suh haeduk
Address        : Yunwha Mountain Wawoojongsa Temple
                      San #48, Haegok-dong, Yong-in-city,
                      Republic of Korea 449-090
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